Today, there are about 80 million people participating in Taekwondo from 200+ countries around the world (by WorldTaekwondo.org).

As an Olympic sport now, it has come a long way since the days of being an ancient martial art originated from Korea.

However, its practices are still dominantly offline.

We teamed up here to achieve one goal;

Bringing Taekwondo Online

So that Taekwondo enthusiasts around the world can connect more easily and frequently with each other.

A New Economic Community

Organizing and participating in local, national and international leagues of Taekwondo competition can be a thing of financial issues for both hosting and participating parties, which is the reason why the existing “open tournaments or championships” of Taekwondo communities around the world are often times out of reach for those without the necessary financial means to pay for their logistics. 

Therefore, it would be just another open tournament, no matter how right our motive is, unless we design and structure this new initiative in a way that any members can easily access our tournaments and demonstrate their prowess for which they trained so hard. At Taekwondo Cooperative (TC), we introduced a new concept of cooperative token (dubbed “TAC”: Taekwondo Access Credit) to be issued to and circulated by (but not limited to) a global economic community of the world’s TC members as a legitimate means to pay for all services and products to be provided by TCs around the globe.


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