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TKD Co-op was established in Seoul, Korea in 2018 as an independent association of Taekwondo athletes coming together voluntarily from all corners of the globe.

TKD Co-op is the first organization of its kind. Its founders believe that the demand of the world’s amateur Taekwondo athletes for interacting with a more diverse group of fellow athletes and participating in sparring matches beyond their own geographic vicinities has reached critical mass.

The Korea TKD Co-op accepted a total of seven Taekwondo academies as Member Dojangs with approximately 800 students, ranging from junior cadets to adults.

By the end of 2021, the Korean Co-op aims to add 20 more academies and 2,000 new members to its network platform. TKD Co-op plans to launch two more national Co-ops outside of Korea.

Ultimately, our goal is to organize and launch a worldwide union of Co-ops known as the World Taekwondo Cooperatives Union (WTCU) by the end of 2023.


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We believe that anyone who loves Taekwondo should be able to participate in professional competition.

Incentives include:

  • Worldwide Open Tournament Participation

  • Online Voting for Best Matches

  • League Table Updates in Real Time

  • Incentives via Taekwondo Access Credit (TAC)

Taekwondo masters and their dojangs can leverage their facilities by hosting TKD Co-op tournaments. By joining the cooperative, dojangs gain natural publicity and participation opportunities.

  • Utilize existing equipment and facilities

  • Earn revenues by hosting a TKD Co-op event or open tournament

  • Earn revenues in TAC by renting out facilities to the Co-op

  • Network between affiliated dojangs

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Taekwondo platform

TAC은 협동조합의 블록체인에서 상호 경제적 부조의 매개체로 활용하도록 고안된 유틸리티 토큰입니다. 협동조합이 개최하는 시합에 참여하거나 거래소에서 구매하여 TAC을 획득할 수 있습니다.

8000만명에 이르는 전세계 태권도인들은 TAC의 실사용자로서 협동조합이 개최하는 시합과 대회에 참가하기 위해 TAC에 대한 수요를 지속적으로 형성하게 될 것입니다.

Taekwondo platform

Blockchain for Taekwondo

Taekwondo Access Token은 스포츠 블록체인 프로젝트 입니다. 플랫폼의 사용자들은 유틸리티 토큰인 TAC을 이용해 협동조합 도장을 이용하거나 시합에 참가하며 투표 등에 필 요한 비용을 블록체인 방식으로 지불할 수 있습니다. TAC은 현재 1 USD의 가격으로 UNISWAP에 상장되어 거래되고 있습니다.

Blockchain for Taekwondo

TKD-COOP Exclusive

recent EVENTS

TKD-COOP Events unite hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world to compete in the world's first online to offline Taekwondo event.

The 2021 season kicked off on March 25 with the all-year TKD-COOP Open.

the world's first blockchain platform for Taekwondo