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Taekwondo Cooperative is a cooperative formed by Taekwondo practitioners from around the world who voluntarily organize and operate. Taekwondo Cooperative strives to create a cooperative environment where members can collaborate, learn, and grow together. The goal is to encourage active participation using the Ethereum-based token, TAC, and to build a new economic ecosystem where both users and services benefit by expanding the use of TAC.



Taekwondo Cooperative operates based on an online Taekwondo platform that utilizes the Ethereum-based utility token, TAC, as a medium of exchange. The members of Taekwondo Cooperative can make payments for services provided by Taekwondo Cooperative using TAC, and also earn TAC as rewards proportionate to their participation level. Through the economic system provided by Taekwondo Cooperative blockchain, the aim is to return benefits to Taekwondo practitioners worldwide and promote overall qualitative and quantitative growth of the Taekwondo community. TAC is listed with a value equivalent to USD 1.00 and can be traded on exchanges.



Taekwondo Cooperative is currently operated in conjunction with 7 affiliated dojangs consisting of approximately 800 members of various age groups ranging from youth to adults in South Korea. The cooperative has plans to add 20 more dojangs and include 2,000 new members to the network platform from a medium-term perspective. In the long term, there are plans to expand operations to two other countries. The ultimate goal is to establish the World Taekwondo Cooperatives Union (WTCU) based on these developments.

Taekwondo Cooperative was established in Seoul, South Korea in 2018, making it the world's first taekwondo organization in the form of a cooperative. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of taekwondo practitioners, it has been operating continuously to this day. The members of Taekwondo Cooperative strive to facilitate more modern communication and exchange among taekwondo practitioners worldwide. In line with this vision, the cooperative aims to build a system that connects individuals in various ways, both online and offline, rather than limiting their activities to their local communities. This is considered an important global trend that cannot be ignored. Through these efforts, Taekwondo Cooperative aims to promote a culture of taekwondo that embraces all individuals without discrimination based on age, gender, skill level (distinguishing between elite athletes and amateurs), and to foster inclusivity in the practice of taekwondo.

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